Présentation of french ktmaddict!

      Présentation of french ktmaddict!

      Hello everybody,
      50 years, I see in France and work in a breakage-motorcycle .rider since 81 I had many motorcycles, I am fascinated by off-road . I am a fan of ktm (I had it a lot) and maico .sorry if ispeak english but it's so easy for me.....
      I rebuild two maico :the best of best :250gme 86 and 250 gp 82 buy for parts ...and my 3 ktm (thank's my boss for cut price ) .
      I did not find the place or we appear, then I make him here .picks of my of my motorcycles .J' would need information for my maico:thank's to receive me.

      See you soon

      Jean-pierre :
      Welcome JP
      for Pics is a Little bit tricky... maybe you can use a extern pic-hoster
      for example
      is free and Need Not Account
      choice your files/pics = Datei auswählen
      start upload and wait for the links
      Whrite the links with copy and paste in this thread- Finish :)
      try it, it‘s easy :)
      i know your french sites - sometimes i Visite but only for pics

      P.s. Good Luck for sunday

      First of all,

      a warm welcome to you.

      According the pics, you need to take care if you like to upload them.

      First the button "Erweiterte Antwort"

      After that klick (above the smiles) "Dateianhänge" and then

      the max of files to upload is limited by 10 per answer

      the picks should not exceed 1 MB Typically 1024 by 768 Pixel will fit. So preparation
      upfront is needed, the browser will not compress the Pictures for you!

      Then there is an Option

      If you like them in the text or just in row underneath.
      Hello Jean-Pierre,
      I have been visiting some french offroad sites as well, I struggle a bit with the language but as long there are some pictures I´m ok. I still have my first KTM GS 125 RV (1981)and a MC 125 lc (1981).
      A Maico 490 Alpha 1 (1982) and a 1979 Frame with a 490 engine is my next project.
      If there is anything you are looking for just let us know, you can find here some experts on this platform.
      Kind Regards